A special effects movie made by a couple of bored people. Took quite awhile in the making, so leave some support and encouragement if you like it.Eric\'s Notes: \n\nMy work on special effects was mostly to see how quickly I could learn how to do something I\'d never done before, and then apply this skill toward my future career [Electrical Engineering]. I used the following tutorials to practice with and learn Adobe After Effects before makingthe effects we used. \nTherapix\'s Youtube Lightsaber Tutorial - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwVm8LBs0Aw \nForce Lightning Tutorial - http://www.geocities.com/pixelmagic2002/forcelightningtutorial.html \nUnderearth Studios Ki Blast Tutorial - http://www.underearthstudios.com/KameTutorial.html \n\nPracticing those tutorials gave me enough After Effects experience to do my part in rendering the CGI effects for this video and modding them to our needs as neccesary. \n\nOur original intention was to do a number of things, including Star Wars, DBZ, and some video games, but we realized that we wouldn\'thave time to make the effects for everything over our summer break [engineering college students are busy during the school year] so we cut a lot of our plans, but I insisted that we use a Kame Hame Ha, and that\'s the only reason it appears out of context in the movie. That and the fact that I thought it\'d look pretty awesome. \n\nAdobe After Effects and other Adobe products are expensive, but 30 day trials can easily be obtained from their website.

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