ROM hacking tutorial:How to use unlz.gba(read info) WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS\'s My Pokemon Forum.\nNeed Members!\n\nNote:\nEmerald Will Not work for this.\nit ay work in the beginning,but the ROM won\'t work with the pokemon so it\'ll just messup.\nonly use this fr:\nFR/LG/R/S\n\nwell more like how to recolor\n\nhow to use it.\nalso for replacing pokemon i don\'t know how to yet buti\'m working on it.\nalso post any questions if you have any.\n\nhere is the download for it:\n;6370853;/fileinfo.html\n\nyou need to install winrar first which you can get here:\n\n\ndownload 3.71\n\nalso make sure you don\'t make it biggerthan it\'s normal size\n\nalso:\nunlz.gba is MAINLY for FR/LG\nbut i think it works wit ruby version.

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