Contents:1. Introduction2. Bannedstory Basics3. Bannedstory w/ BackgroundUsing Paint ver 1.0--------------------------------------------Introduction:For all of you who\'ve ever wished of becoming famous Mmv (Maplestory Music Video) Maker, this video is for you! The most popular Maplestory Music Maker Tutorial to come out of this century....That\'s right, I\'m talking about iMaplestory Mmv Maker Tutorial. After a long time of learning, I finally gathered all the techniques on how to make Mmvs and organized in this video. It\'s a special video that you won\'t want to miss. We\'ll start with scratch and work our way up step by step. So are you ready?Would you rather have a repetitious Mmv with screenshots from Maplestory or an astonishing Mmv with slides created by you? The 1st step to do that is to learn the basics of bannedstory.\n--------------------------------------------\nBannedstory:\nIt has Adobe Photoshop similar Layer Feature which allow you to remove items that you do not want to see on you character, and there are lots of items to wear. It includes jms taiwan NX cash items. It includes the normal category items from warrior, mage, thief and archer.\n\nFace Accessory\nEar Accessory\nEye Accessory\nClothes\n+ Overall, Top, Bottom, Hat,Gloves. Shield\n+ Shoes, Necklace\nWeapons\n+ Spear, Polearm, Sword, Axe, Blunt Weapon\n+ Wand, Staff, Bow, Crossbow, Dagger, Claw\n\nCredits:\nThanks to AnbuBlackOpp17 for his cool Bannedstory examples.\n\nBannedstory Download:(approximately 80 MB)\n\n--------------------------------------------\nBannedstory w/ Background\nPaint Version 1.0\nStep1: Find a background. Paste it to Paint.\nStep2: Make your Bannedstory Character(s)\nStep3: Press Alt+Print Scrn to copy the bannedstory character. \nStep4: Copy your character from bannedstory into new Paint:\nStep5: Combine it with the background.\nTo Get rid of the white box:\nTo get rid of the white box, uncheck Draw Opaque in the Image menu and white will not appear, However the white spots on your character will be clear. Therefore, replace the white area with another color like Black, then right click Black in the color palette to setthe Opaque to black...\n\nBackgrounds Download: \n\n\n--------------------------------------------\nSong List:\nThe Cynic Project - Pachelbel\'s Cannon\nTechno East Clubbers - Its a Dream

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