Gun Sounds/FL Studio Tutorial (part 1 of 3) WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

Music used in vid (in order):Haddaway - What is LoveEl Mudo - Chacarron MacarronThis is a tutorial (part 1) on the free trial of FL Studio 7, and it is very, VERY, basic. This first part teaches you what you need and what you basically need to know as well as starting off with a basic beat.\n\nIf this tutorial was a taco: part 1 would basically be the bread (I like crunchy) andthe beef. Sure you\'d eat it, but it would be much better with everything else which is in Part 2.\n\nI made this cause I was bored. Let\'s see what YOU can do. \n\nNeed raw sounds? Here\'s a link to the COD4 gun sound files that I use:\n\n(It is in .rar format so you need an archiver to open!!!)\nIt contains MOST of the game\'s gun sounds, not all. \nIt also contains things like vehicle sounds and misc things like the heartbeat and breathing.\nOh and, here\'s a link to the granado scream: (it was not part of the above link)\n\n(It isin .rar format so you need an archiver to open!!!)\n\nAnd here\'s a link to download the free trial of FL Studio 8:\n\nFree trials of FL Studios do NOT expire, and they do EVERYTHING that the full trial can. ONLY THING IS: is that you CANNOT saveyour progress. You can however save it as an MP3, WAVE or MIDI file.

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