Piccilo Pete/Crackler Bomb July 4th, 2008 WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

i intended for this to make a firework display, but it turned into a bomb real fast, it scared a the shit out of me, but if you want to make itu need 6pk piccilo petes, lady big firework, and two 6pks of crackle balls1. make a steady base, make sure the cylinder ortube your useing is thick, make sure the tube and the base is securely fassen on and doesnt leak any powder.\n2. bottom layer- 2 powdered up piccilo petes\n3. add one 6pk of cracker balls on top, just the the crackers inside the ball.\n4. add a lady bugfirework or any small fountain to neutralize the bottom from exploding first\n5. and 2 more powdered piccilo petes\n6. add 6pk of crackler balls\n7. add 2 more powdered piccole petes\n8 put 2 fuzes opposite of each other on the inside way of the firework, make sure they reach the bottom.\n9 tape down 1edge of the piece of thin card board to hold the top in place, make sure u poke a hole for the 20 sec center fuze. the top should open like a door.if it doesn\'t u made a slit mistake. dont fully seal the top just 1 edge of it.\n\nthere you completed the tutorial of my Lego Blaster Rock Firework gone BAD!!!

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