Learning Graphic Editing Basics with Adobe Fireworks CS3 06 WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

Learning Graphic Editing Basics with Adobe Fireworks CS3 06: Using Fireworks\' Batch ProcessThis is a sample video tutorial that has been made available to YouTube viewers with no audio commentary. The original video tutorial is made available only to members at http://machouse.mhvt.net/ with audio commentary and a resolution of 900 x 675 pixels.\n\nThis 6-minute video tutorial shows howto use Adobe Fireworks CS3\'s batch process. At first, we use it to change the format of 15 PNG-formatted graphic files to JPEG. Another example we show in the tutorial is to change resolutions and put files upside all at a time.\n\nKey words: PNG, Batch Process, Export, Add, Custom, Edit, JPEG, Quality, Save Script, Same location as original file, Batch, Scale, Scale to Size, Commands, Rotate 180, Save Script, Custom location

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