Adobe Fireworks Tutorial - Vector Masking (Paste Inside) WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

Using Fireworks to mask one image into another image.With our video tutorials you\'ll learn the tricks and techniques professional designers use including:\n\n* Creating fading and feathered edges for images, graphics, and web banners\n* Using the Rubber Stamp tool to create special effects\n* Creating vignette effects using both bitmap selections and vector masks\n* Extending backgrounds of images to give your images a new perspective\n* Removing objects and people from their backgrounds\n* Replacing one object with another object\n* Changing the background color of a logo\n* Adding and subtracting from selections\n* Using the Pen tool to create precisevector masks and selections\n* Adding people and objects to images\n* Combining your selection tools to create more accurate and efficient selections\n* Using masking to create logo effects\n\n

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