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Kansas City Website Design - KC Web Design

There are basically 4 steps involved in building a website.

1. Buying the domain name or .com, for instance the domain name of this website is Buying your domain name (contrary to popular belief) is simple and completely inexpensive. sells domain names for $9, and the checkout process is as simple as buying a shirt on ebay.

2. Ordering hosting. Your web host is the company you pay a fee to hold your website on the internet. I'm not going to get into this much because its kind of confusing for the average computer user, that is one great reason why you pay these people to take care of your website hosting. When you order hosting say for instance from 127hosting, you will receive your login information within 6 hours. With this information (your username & password that we assign to you) you can upload your website to the internet.

3. Website design. The design of your website can be done before you buy your domain name and hosting or you can wait until your website is designed. There are basically two ways you can build your website, one is with raw html and the other is with a helper program. I don't recommend just starting out in web design trying to edit with html. You will get frustrated and probably will not understand anything that is going on. Especially if you learn from a college class. In 127hostings online web design school we teach you how to do web design by showing you how to use web design helper programs and it is extremely simple, all you have to do is follow the directions.

4. Uploading your website to the internet. This is done with a program called an FTP program. These programs are simple to use and we make it even easier in the web design school because we break the process down step by step with pictures. I don't mean to diss on college again but I didn't learn one single thing about how to use an ftp program in my courses.

That's all there is to building a website. Step 1 and 2 can be done in a matter of minutes. Step 3 and 4 can be done in about an hour just by following 127hostings online course.

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