interest therein to Landlord, and Tenant shall pay rent within said Term only to the time of such surrender; provided, however, that Landlord shall exercise such option to so terminate this Lease by notice in writing delivered to Tenant within thirty days after such damage or destruction. In case Landlord shall not so elect to terminate this Lease, this Lease shall continue in full force and effect and Landlord shall repair the Premises with all reasonable promptitude, placing the same in as good a condition as they were at the time of the damage or destruction, and for that purpose may enter said Premises and rent shall abate in proportion to the extent and duration of untenantability. In either event, Tenant shall remove all rubbish, debris, merchandise, furniture, equipment and other of its personal property, within five days after the request of Landlord. 1f the Premises shall be but slightly injured by fire or other casualty, so as not to render the same untenantable and unfit for occupancy, then Landlord shall repair the same with all reasonable promptitude, and in that case the rent shall not abate. Except as provided herein, no compensation or claim shall be made by or allowed to Tenant by reason of any inconvenience or annoyance arising from the necessity of repairing any portion of the building or the Premises, however the necessity may occur.

17. PERSONAL PROPERTY. Landlord shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any merchandise inventory, goods, fixtures, improvements or personal property of tenant in or about the Premises, regardless of the cause of such loss or damage.

18. ALTERATIONS. Tenant shall not make any alterations or additions in or to the Premises without the prior written consent of Landlord.

19. UTILITIES AND SERVICES. Tenant shall furnish and pay for all electricity, gas, water, fuel, trash removal and any services or utilities used in or assessed against the Premesis, unless otherwise herein expressly provided.

20. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS. Tenant shall comply with all laws, orders, ordinances and other public requirements now or hereafter affecting the Premises or the use thereof, including without limitation ADA, OSHA and like requirements and indemnify, defend and hold Landlord harmless from expense or damage resulting from failure to do so.

21. MULTIPLE TENANCY BUILDING. If the Premises are a part of a multiple tenancy building. the responsibility of Tenant for reimbursements as called for in Paragraphs 7 and 23 of this Lease shall be a percentage of the total increase equal to the percentage of rentable floor space in said building occupied by Tenant. It is agreed Tenant occupies 25% ("Proportionate Share”) of the floor space in the building for which the Premises are a part. Landlord may, with written notice to Tenant, elect to perform and provide certain maintenance and services pertaining to the entire building or area of which the Premises are a part including, but not limited to landscaping, trash removal, lawn maintenance, common area lighting, water, paving maintenance, maintenance to rail trackage and snow removal, and in such event Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for its Proportionate Share of said maintenance services within fifteen (15) days from the date of Landlord’s notice of the amount so due hereunder. Tenant agrees to conduct its business in a manner that will not be objectionable to other tenants in the building of which the Premises are a part, including noise, vibration, odor, trash or fumes. In the event Landlord receives complaints from other tenants in the building and determines, in its sole reasonable judgement, that Tenant is conducting its operations in a manner so as to be objectionable to other tenants, Tenant agrees, upon notice from Landlord thereof, to promptly modify the conduct of its operations to eliminate such objectionable operations.